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Amar Parkash Educational Development Society has been working since June.1999 for the welfare of country’s people under the leadership of its President Er. Rajiv Kumar. It got official registration in 2007 vide registration No. 58 of the Government of Punjab. All society members had worked hard by heart and made it one of the most popular NGO of the region. Society has been receiving lot of appreciation awards for its unmatchable performance in the field of educational development in the region.

The main purpose of the society is to create educational awareness among people as well as to organize various training camps, traffic rules awareness camps, to distribute blankets, sweaters to poor, provide educational scholarships to poor intelligent students or poor girls and to design, develop and maintain websites for rural and urban parts of the region. Society has been organising camps/seminars/conferences periodically at various places like schools, colleges, markets, parks, Villages and slum areas. The society is making all out efforts to popularize Blood Donation, Yoga, Educational Quality Standards among the general public so that the people can get real growth and work for the welfare of the country.

Society believe if India will become total a literate and aware country then the major problems of the country like Unemployment, Population, Pollution, Female Feticide, etc will automatically be removed and by this India will no more be a developing country it will be a well developed country.